Introduction of Dr Ishtiaq Malik

Dr Ishtiaq Malik is an eminent physician who has given some breakthrough performances in the field of medicine. He is regarded as one of the most competent and professional doctors of US.

 He completed his degree of medicine from Army medical college Pakistan. As a passionate doctor, Dr ishtiaq malik went to Silver Spring MD, USA for specialization in Nuclear Cardiology. The time of his specialization was not proved to be a bed of roses for him, rather he faced many obstacles to tackles on his way. His sheer determination and focused mind made him admirable among his colleagues and professors. Dr. ishtiaq malik was also practicing in Union Multicare Medical Center with other 3 doctors.

 Dr Ishtiaq Malik practiced at Advanced Nuclear Diagnostics and served as the medical director at the Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory. He was also an expert internist who achieved his degree from Howard University Hospital in Internal Medicine. Dr ishtiaq malik gained much praises in a very short duration.

As a nuclear cardiologist, Dr ishtiaq Malik lived up to the expectations of the masses. His patients were highly satisfied with his treatment. His goal was not only to heal the patient from inside but also to eradicate the root cause of the disease by giving the patient awareness so that the patient can lead a healthy and better life.

Dr Ishtiaq Malik was affiliated with many prominent hospitals during his specialization like MedStar  Washington Hospital Center and Providence hospital Washington DC, USA where Dr ishtiaq malik started his career as a professional doctor. Dr ishtiaq malik also provided his services in Lucy Webb Hayes national training school for Deaconesses & Missionarie and Medicare CNN hospital. In addition, he was also affiliated with Silver Spring MD hospital and many other hospitals in America.

 By any standard, his personality was multidimensional and his achievements in the medical field were enormous. As a brilliant writer, Dr Ishtiaq Malik wrote many articles on Cardiology and medicine. His major articles include “Tracheal cuff puncture: a complication of percutaneous internal jugular vein cannulation” which is related to cardiology and heart surgery, and “Use of restenting should be minimized with intracoronary radiation therapy for in-stent restenosis”. Both were published in 2003. These articles are regarded as a great source of inspiration and knowledge for the young doctors and heart specialists.

Dr Ishtiaq Malik and DOJ (Department of Justice)

If we want to pursue something extraordinary, we must sacrifice something extraordinary. The course can never be easy to destination. Where there was a sparkling career of dr ishtiaq malik besides him, there was dark shadow of conspiracies and controversies following him.

Dr ishtiaq malik wanted to achieve something exceptional in the field of medicine. So, he started his research in the field of ‘Myocardial Perfusion Studies’. Myocardial Perfusion deals with the overall functionality of the heart in relation to the heart muscles and blood flow. The tests include in the Myocardial Perfusion is known as nuclear stress tests. These tests used to diagnose the heart diseases. Particularly, Myocardial Perfusion illustrates the weakening of heart muscles leading to inadequate blood flow through the heart. Dr ishtiaq malik was very passionate for his studies, so that he conducted many experiments to have the best results that led to the ultimate understanding of the heart diseases. Undoubtedly, he came out in the Myocardial Perfusion Studies with more enthusiasm and success.

But there was conspiracy appeared to his life which turned the tables and put him in front of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Dr ishtiaq Malik faced the hardest obstacles to get a way out of this situation. His friends and colleagues supported him throughout the case.

Dr Ishtiaq malik was witnessing the shattering of his dreams and aspirations in front of his eyes. The odds were proving stronger. His enemies were manipulating the evidences and ultimately the charges against him.

 But he was man of courage, he mustered up all the passion and nerve to fight back. He was determined to tackle all the allegations against him in the Department of Justice Colombia(DOJ). He collected all the evidences and presented to the respectable Department of Justice (DOJ). He knew what he is going to face. Hence, he fought tooth and nail to prove himself not guilty.

After facing a long tough period, Dr ishtiaq malik was not accepting the failure and defending himself. His family and friends were with him in all the hearings. They stood by him through the difficult time.

Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the verdict against him. Dr ishtiaq malik accepted the verdict out of respect of the DOJ. But the verdict never broke him, as hard times makes the people stronger. Trusting his capabilities, Dr ishtiaq malik was optimistic and progressive as he believed that there would be new and bright opportunities waiting for him in the future.